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episode 11, page 43

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cw: blood, violence
panel 1: the maighstir leans over hana's workbench. maighstir: "are you ignoring me, little man?" hana frowns and continues to not look at her. hana: "yes."
panel 2: the maighstir straightens up and beckons to a preachan while continuing to talk to hana. maighstir: "such little respect! you think I'm all bark and no bite, hm?"
panel 3: hana hunches over his desk, screwing a small panel into a breadboard. he's irritated she's still here. hana: "you've been barking since I got here. haven't seen any biting."
panel 4: the maighstir smiles calmly. it's unnerving.
panel 5: she accepts a large knife from the preachan. maighstir: "my mistake. I'll have to remedy that."
panel 6: kiigari looks surprised at the maighstir taking that large knife.
panel 7: a red and black scene with a stark white background. the maighstir plunges the knife through two of hana's fingers and into the workbench. behind hana's head is the sfx "SLAM".

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  1. (looks at hand) oww, I guess. Two things maighstir. 1) that was incredibly uncooth 2) that’s about what I feel every morning waking up. Any other questions because i am busy as a slave.

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