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episode 11, page 44

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hmmmmm ow????

despite the unhappy content, i was really happy with how these pages turned out. i think they got the impact i wanted haha


cw: blood, violence, on-screen finger trauma.
panel 1: hana's face, uncolored. bright white with a bright red background. he's crying. hana: "wh- why-"
panel 2: the same red background. we see hana's hand, now with two fingers missing. there are faint duplicate outlines of his hand around it, showing he's shaky or faint. hana: "why-?!"
panel 3: the maighstir smiles calmly.
panel 4: she pulls the knife out of the table, causing hana's cut off fingers to roll.
panel 5: the maighstir looks lovingly at the knife, running her fingers through hana's blood. maighstir: "see to him."
panel 6: a preachan grab hana's hand. the other gets out a spool of thread and a needle.
panel 7: the preachan are sewing and bandaging hana's hand. he's looking at the maighstir, who is rubbing his blood between her fingers. we can't see her face. maighstir: "you're no longer under the protection of little King Marek, my dear."

7 thoughts on “episode 11, page 44

  1. Ahhh these pages really have great impact but I also flinch at seeing Hana suffer Y_Y

    1. YEAH :((( i am happy with the impact but man :”’0 poor hana

  2. I’m really impressed at Hana’s strength. I would be screaming like a baby

    1. LMAOOO truly. the shock is doing wonders for his composure.

  3. like i know he’s suffering, but c’mon that first panel is incredibly pretty and I had to point that out

    1. ☺️☺️☺️ thank you!!!!!!! i’m so pleased with how it turned out 💕💕☺️

  4. Shall we call him Hana Halfhand, now?

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