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episode 11, page 38

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CHAAR MAKES HER CHOICE!!! i love this set of pages so much because originally i had a completely different set of pages for this part completely drawn and colored, but it just wasn't right.. i had focused too much on things i wanted her to say and not enough on what she would actually be thinking.. so i redid them ALL! and it ended up going the COMPLETE OPPOSITE WAY than the original pages had. originally she just.. gave up. she would have been inspired eventually, but i'm just so pleased with how putting myself in her mindset completely flipped the way this scene went. anyways, it's super busy at work, so i'm exhausted, goodbye please enjoy. next week we'll see hana, and hear about another comic he reads.


panel 1: chaar puts her hand to her chin, she's nervously conspiring. chaar: "maybe i can find out where he is.. they keep records of everything.." she settles into more of a thinking pose. chaar: "i'd need one of the entry medallions from the Àrd-mharaiche...
panel 2: a close up on chaar's eyes. she's looking to the side and sweating. chaar: "or... a previous Àrd-mharaiche..."
panel 3: chaar looks at the ground where her ring boxes are, thinking about what hana said in episode 8. hana (in chaar's memory): "it's for the sake of someone important"
panel 4: a shot of chaar's engagement ring sitting in the dry grass. hana (chaar's memory continues): "and that matters more than whether i'm scared or not."
panel 5: chaar shuts the top of the engagement ring box, leaving the ring box from the Ban-cheannard open. chaar: "i'm sorry, mother... but it's for someone important."

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  1. It’s interesting to read your notes at how differently the scene was going to be! This is very impactful version and I am glad you got inspired to do this version instead 🦾 also I hope you get some rest and relax time from your busy schedule at some point!!!

    1. ty!!! im so pleased with how it turned around ☺️☺️ and YEAH hopefully it’ll settle down.. in a couple weeks… 🥲

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