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episode 11, page 39

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hana's been reading [WYCHWOOD]! while Tiara has not (from my memory) canonically worn tiaras in Wychwood AS OF NOW... who is to say what will happen............

also, happy pride month!! here's a piece i did of the main cast.

the kings of sorts main cast sitting on stairs outside a brick building. all their outfits contain pride flag colors. from top to bottom, left to right: marek (bi), aoife (lesbian), teraat (lesbian, asexual), kiigari (lesbian, nonbinary), chaarose (bi), bonic (bi, trans), hana (gay), and baby (nonbinary and rainbow. she doesn't know yet, she's a baby). marek is glaring at aoife. he's trying to go down the stair to get in-between hana and bonic, but aoife is stopping him. tera is leaning on the railing to talk to chaar, who is on the ground looking up at her. kiigari smiles at the antics of them all. hana is hunched over, playing on a gameboy, super excited about whatever is going on. bonic looks over his shoulder fondly. baby is playing with and eating chalk. 
in front of the stairs, there's chalk name writing practice (hana teaching bon and baby). bon has practiced writing parts of hana's name several times. on the bottom reads: "PRIDE 2023" with a rainbow next to it.

panel 1: hana fits a cap on some wires at a pink desk inside of the dragon forge, his back is turned to us. we catch him in the middle of excitedly explaining another webcomic he's read. hana: "there's this girl named Tiara-"
panel 2: hana turns to the camera for emphasis. he holds out his hand, in a 'hold on a sec' sort of motion. hana: "she doesn't WEAR tiaras- (yet), that's just her name-
panel 3: kiigari rubs their head, groaning. hana smirks in the background.
panel 4: hana turns back around to his work. hana: "... why'd you actually come down here?"
panel 5: kiigari lifts their hand from their head. hana (continuing, off-screen): "I know you wouldn't volunteer to spend time with me."
panel 6: kiigari lowers their hand more, glaring at hana. hana (continuing, off-screen): "did the maighstir send you down here?" kiigari faces away from hana. kiigari: "none of your business."
panel 7: silence for a moment as hana works at his desk and kiigari glares at nothing.
panel 8: the silence is broken by hana. hana: "so..." (drawn out). kiigari groans again, louder.

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  1. You got sent here to spy on me? I’m gonna make it the most awkward for you by being so fukn friendly!!

    Also Baby eating the chalk is perfect character expression

    1. ehehe thank u! baby eating chalk just seemed so perfect 🤣🤣

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