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episode 11, page 37

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emo about chaar. tfw u want to disappear but then u remember hana exists so ur like well actually i'll stick around. i can't wait until i can get bon and chaar to talk. the two people who most Do Not Want to be here. i think it'd be nice for them to talk about it. i feel like chaar would really benefit from someone understanding how she feels. anyways. that'll happen in like 20 years, stick around for it


panel 1: chaar stares out at the sky and sea. chaar: "maybe... I should just give up.."
panel 2: a wider shot. chaar looks very small compared to the sky and sea around her. chaar: "if i just left.. they wouldn't have to worry about me messing up anymore.. if i just disappeared.. it'd probably be a relief.."
panel 3: chaar holds her hand up to her chin, she's remembered something and it concerns her. chaar: "but... Hana..." she turns to the side, considering. chaar: "i was supposed to watch out for him.. i don't want to just leave him..." her hand drops, looking a little forelorn. chaar: "i don't even know if he's still... here..."
panel 4: chaar brings her hand up to her chin again, thinking. it's just her against a dark background. she's had an idea. chaar: "admirals... admirals can get access to confidential archives... and if I look at those..."

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  1. “20 years, stick around for it” … webcomic time…. 🤝
    but yeah, dang, those thoughts do be sucky but i am glad that something purpose wise (Hana) can dissuade her 🙏

    1. RIGHT!! girl I’m glad u had a small man to worry about

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