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episode 11, page 36

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like her cast page says.. wants to believe this stuff... will be disappointed.

these transcripts are weird to write cause it's like. chaar looked up. she looked down. she looked sad. she looked sad in a slightly different way.


panel 1: chaar looks up at patty. chaar: "i want to believe they'd stand up for- for what they believe in.."
panel 2: chaar looks down. chaar: "that they aren't cowards.." she hunches over on herself. chaar: "cowards like me..."
panel 3: chaar straightens up. chaar: "if THEY gave up.." she sinks down again. chaar: "fell in line..." she looks to her side. chaar: "what makes me think i can do differently.. what makes the Ban think i can do what they couldn't..."
panel 4: chaar's hand holding the box with her engagement ring inside. chaar (off-screen): "the last time i tried to do what I thought was right..."
panel 5: she deflates looking at the ring. chaar: "i only caused my family more grief.."
panel 6: chaar looks up again. chaar: "if i try to do the 'right' thing here.." she looks down nervously. chaar: "and fail..." she looks to the side sadly. chaar: "it'd ruin them..."
panel 7: chaar looks at nothing, seemingly talking to herself now. chaar: "though, it doesn't seem to matter what I do..." she continues, saddened by her thoughts. chaar: "everything ends up embarrassing them..."

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