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episode 11, page 35

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they're NOT better than you, chaar. you're my darling, my sweet angel, my perfect princess.

panel 1: zylvae, a tan elf with bright red orange hair, peers through an open door. zylvae: "are you-"
panel 2: zylvae continues as she looks into a very messy room. zylvae: "alright...?" a bruised bonic in some pale teal lounge-wear stands in the mess. bonic (sarcastically): "peachy."

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panel 1: chaar looks down, tears falling from yer eyes. chaar: "nina was right..." she looks to the side. chaar: "i am pathetic."
panel 2: patty the pangolin watches chaar talk. chaar is looking down, still tearing up a bit. chaar: "i want to believe that there are 'greater mechanations' and that i just don- don't understand them. that everyone i respect isn't turning a blind eye because it's easier that way."
panel 3: chaar nervously toys with her hands, bringing them near her face. chaar: "m-maybe they can see the greater good in all this, that i just can't." she lowers her hands. chaar: "or maybe.." she looks to the side. chaar: "maybe they've all given up..."
panel 4: text on a dark blue background. chaar continues: "given up... and fallen in line."
panel 5: chaar grips the strap of her bag. she's silent, bothered by her previous thought. she grips the strap harder, and looks to the side. chaar: "these people, the Àrd-mharaiche.. my mother.." chaar looks back towards patty. chaar: "they- they're better.. than me."

Àrd-mharaiche - admiral (in story: leader of the King's army)

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