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episode 11, page 34

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back from TCAF! and ready to not be prepping anything for a long while. my plan now is to work on my school project that i had been putting off to prep for TCAF.. and then work on Ep 12. hopefully a 70% work on project, 30% work on pages mix. unfortunately i also work full time so idk how it all maths out.

ALSO i will be ordering KS stuff/contacting people about commissions... SHORTLY!! maybe this afternoon... maybe friday...... maybe the weekend. i am really exhausted from TCAF lol


panel 1: a shot of two ring boxes. on the left, a box with a red interior, holding a ring with a single square cut diamond. on the right, a box with a black interior, holding a ring with a large, green, oval gem.
panel 2: chaar stares down at the rings. she remembers things people said to her previously. from saturnina: "sometimes you need to put aside your own selfish thoughts for the good of the family." from eithne: "it's up to you to decide which consequences you can bear." from rhean: "the crown has a way of silencing people who don't fall in line." from the maighstir: "it's those who stay in line that get ahead." from elias: "a broken system cannot be mended from the inside."
panel 3: remembering the words, chaar squeezes her eyes shut.
panel 4: chaar covers her face. patty the pangolin looks at her. chaar: (sob) "I don't know what to d-do!"
panel 5: she uncovers her face, tears in her eyes, looking frantically from side to side. chaar: "is it selfish to throw aside everything my mother did for me? o-or is it selfish to want to please my mother?!" chaar grasps her hands together. chaar: "a-and even if I wanted to fix things, I- I'm just me!"
panel 5: patty looks towards chaar. chaar (off-screen): "what can I do? I c-can't even send a m-message without messing it up-"

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  1. I’m pretty sure giant Pangolin hugs are a good place to start, so let’s go with that

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