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episode 11, page 33

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she's just thinking about some things.

anyways, no update next week cause i'll be flying to toronto! for TCAF! table 2082. and i'm PRETTY sure i'll have my passport in time!! hooray!!!

also yesterday an episode of screen tones came out that i guested on! it's about fashion. i haven't listened to it because if i hear my own voice i'll die, but it might be fun, so give it a listen. [here]

panel 1: a shot of the sea around the city of abigh in autumn. the sky is blue, there's people fishing, and there's a giant pangolin on the beach.
panel 2: chaar looks out at the water. she's sitting with her back leaning on her pangolin.
panel 3: chaar takes two ring boxes out of her bag.
panel 4: she places them both in front of her on the grass, open.

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