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episode 11, page 19

oh dear... bon... ur sins... :/ this DOES sound like villain behavior tho tbh

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panel 1: bon looks at ajieti, who is off-screen. aji (off-screen): "...you remember Ms. Sifa?"
panel 2: we see the back of bon's head as he looks at aji. aji looks melancholic. aji: "how she'd always make us pancakes after we performed?"
panel 3: bon looks unsettled, again looking at aji, who is off-screen. aji (off-screen): "she'd always put blueberries in yours, cause she knew how much you liked them..."
panel 4: aji continues, looking disturbed. aji: "she- she got trapped in her house.. while everything was burning." aji starts to cry. aji: "they said it was probably breathing in the smoke... that got her..."
panel 5: bon looks away, looking troubled. aji (off-screen): "Oren Tipar- he'd give us rides on his hay cart in exchange for songs."
panel 6: aji is facing away. aji: "his barn was on fire. he went in to rescue the horses. a beam fell on him. he died a few days later."
panel 7: aji has tears in their eyes. aji: "Ishalli and Sintira? those kids you gave magic lessons to?" aji smiles through their tears. aji: "remember how excited they'd get? seeing you walk into town?" aji looks away, looking sad again. aji: "they have really bad breathing problems now... from all the ash.."
panel 8: aji looks at the ground, crying. aji: "they volunteered.." aji looks up, defiant and troubled. aji: "BEGGED." aji looks down again. aji: "to be gentled.."

5 thoughts on “episode 11, page 19

  1. When I unintentionally talk about the crimes by bestie commited :/

  2. Oh no, this hurts to read :'(

  3. “To be gentled” doesn’t sound like a positive thing…

    1. yeah, not really 🙁 it’s discussed more in early ep 9 https://kingsofsorts.com/comic/episode-9-page-5/

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