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episode 11, page 18


Comics of the Week of Jan 23-29

Comfortably Numb

C/O Pink Floyd

Freezing temperatures, Psi-Profiles, and deadly visions, it's enough to make the strongest person numb. Not all gifts from the ice or visions from the past are beneficial.


Gifts of Wandering Ice
Gifts of Wandering Ice - A sci-fi comic where an apocalypse made humanity better.

Numb - After getting into an accident, Levi starts seeing strange things around him.


panel 1: a side view of bon looking towards ajieti. he looks a bit troubled, almost nervous. aji (off-screen): "listen... I've been meaning to ask you..."
panel 2: aji rubs their neck and doesn't make eye contact with bon. aji continues: "after Ars- old Arsanaig fell, there were all sorts of rumors..."
panel 3: aji continues, looking nervously at bon. aji: "CRAZY stuff like- people were saying you were responsible for the whole thing-" aji looks towards the side. "but- that's only cause everyone already like- super hated you, right?"
panel 4: a sideview of bon, looking away, expressionless. aji (off-screen): there's no WAY one person could- single handedly.. I guess it was small but still! one person destroying a whole country- that's impossible!"
panel 5: aji pauses, waiting for bon to answer. aji continues, looking more nervous. aji: "i-it's impossible... right?"
panel 6: a view of bon from the shoulders down so we can't see his expression, but he's gripping his jacket tightly. aji is behind him. aji: "right?"

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