Cover Contest Spotlight #1

kiigari sits on a tree, looking somewhat contemplative. text reads: KINGS OF SORTS EPISODE 2, JACKI @CRABBNG. cover by: Tobias Valentine"

(I decided these would be better as blog posts than as with the comic pages so i’m moving them here, thank you for your understanding)

FIRST KOS COVER CONTEST SPOTLIGHT!!! from the very first contest. i love this kiigari sm, made by my very lovely and talented friend TOBI! you can find him here: 
i just love how peaceful but also vigilant they look. if that makes sense lol

anyways, i’m doing what i said i’d do. posting cover contest entries whilst kos is on break. not exactly sure when we’ll be back but. i’ll let u know when i do. also, i’ll likely have books tomorrow, so they’ll be available for online order saturday most likely. 

also also it’s hana’s bday tomorrow!!! wish him a happy birthday in whichever way you see fit. 

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