wow big news! store is on here now! we’ve got everything kos in one neat place now (for the most part). as you can see on the side bar, there’s a little featured product there for you to check out. i know i never announce product properly so. hopefully having that will let more ppl know what’s actually in the store lol.

edit: ALL THAT BEING SAID it is new, so if there are hiccups, please let me know and i’ll do my best to fix them

speaking of which, two things were added! you can now buy the little hana pen charms (there’s not a whole lot, may do preorders for more later) and chicken pins!! aren’t they cute.. so those are the two featured items right now.

also now available in store are the extra Ep 5 print vers. and lava bon charms left over from preorders! so do go check those out as well.

in fact.. check out the whole store!!

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