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episode 12, page 2

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tera is sooo good at being stealthy. also apparently i used to do that rock thing with my dad and he thought it was very funny

my commute was an hour long today -_- i'm very tired. but very excited to get you these pages!!

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panel 1: Tera continues from the previous page: "preachan numbers skyrocketing, but their recruitment numbers are the lowest in years." in the background, Baby tells Bon that she can also skip rocks.
panel 2: Tera continues: "add in what Bon said about the Maighstir taking tech.. and their interest in Hana.." Baby throws handfuls of rocks in the water, which she estimates to be the same as skipping stones. Bon cackles with laughter.
panel 3: Aoife looks at Tera, unconvinced. Tera continues: "the conclusion I'm drawing is tech is being used in conjuction with the ReAm studies.. to create "advanced preachan" from Cazam patients"
panel 4: Tera looks at Aoife, serious. Tera: "if it is... they're not going to let go of Hana very easily.."
panel 5: Tera looks sneakily to the side. Tera: "and thus- I have planned for us... some sneaky activities." Bon and Aoife look at her with raised eyebrows.
panel 6: Tera explains her sneaky activities, each step illustrated. Tera: "I discovered a spell that allows the user to become transparent and walk through walls. unfortunately, you have to hold your breath the whole time. so I found a spell that allows you to hold your breath for extended periods of time." She adds: "you have to hold your ear the whole time, but that's doable."

2 thoughts on “episode 12, page 2

  1. That’s so cool – a spell to help manage the downside of a different spell, with only a minor downside to the assisting one. I’m almost disappointet that the chain of spells enabling eachother wasn’t longer. ; )

  2. So nice – a spell to help manage the downside of a different spell, with only a minor downside to the assisting one.
    I’m almost disappointed that the chain of spells enabling each other wasn’t longer. ; )

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