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episode 12, page 1

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ooooh i just can't help myself... 1 page early.. just for fun.. a little secret between you and me....

the last panel is a little indulgence for myself. this whole institution isn't in scope of ANY of your documentation requirements?? or your suspicious ban on technology?? guys.. you really need to evaluate the scoping of your QMS.. this is sounding like a MAJOR finding to me, i expect a response within 15 days and I want to see a CAPA plan in there and it had better be ROBUST thank you



what news have i got... spiderforest applications are opening soon! June 10th-30th, more info [here]

also if you've got a little extra money on hand, i encourage you to check out [Gaza Funds] and pick out a gofundme to support. every little bit helps



panel 1: Aoife and Tera sit near a beach, talking, while Bon and Baby play by the sea. Bon is telling Baby to watch what he's about to do. Aoife: "okay.. so. because of some random papers you found... this.. "Magister." a powerful government official. is doing secret experiments on people. in her secret lab. on a secret island." Tera nods at her, as if this is all very logical sounding.
panel 2: Bon skips a stone on the water, to Baby's great amazement. Aoife and Tera continue talking. Tera: "I know it may sound far-fetched, but the information comes from reputable sources." Aoife does not look convinced.
panel 3: Tera continues: "an internal audit report. with a finding that Cazam isn't in scope of human experimentation standards, documentation requirements, or the technology ban. a non-conformance report on ReAm studies "being misplaced" closed with NO impact assessment."


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  1. I see, we got a real fan of administrative work and order.

    And Bon – you rock this peeble!

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