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episode 12, page 3

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and THUS! we have started episode 12. I hope you enjoy!

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panel 1: Aoife comments on Tera's explanation on the previous pages: "all that in 22 minutes?" Tera flips her hair and answers: "I am VERY skilled. in the art of studying."
panel 2: Tera continues to explain her plan, each part illustrated in a little blue bubble. Tera: "Regarless, from there, it's rather simple. Aoife will get a transportation sigil. Baby will stay with her. Bon and I will go to the castle. he will be returned to the Maighstir, as to lower suspicion.. Hana is likely being kept in the Maighstir's tunnels under the castle. during the night, I will just walk through the walls until I find him. give him a transportation sigil, find Bon, give him one."
panel 3: Tera triumphantly raises her fist. Tera: "and THUS! I will transport us all outside the city, and we will have a sizable head start to escape Cadia." Bon looks a little irritated and remarks under his breath: "IF it works out that way..." Aoife raises an eyebrow at him.

6 thoughts on “episode 12, page 3

  1. i don’t know why comments aren’t working, I’ll look into it later

  2. Tera, don’t you know that explaining the plan always means things aren’t going to work out that way?!

    1. LMAOOOO you’re so right 不不

  3. Ah yes of course, outright handing the Maighstir exactly who she’s been searching for — flawless plan, 10/10 would scheme again
    But in all seriousness — the art? the character designs?? the architecture?? the plot itself??? You’re killing me!
    I’ve been avidly reading KoS for a bit over a year now (though this is my first time actually commenting) and oh my goodness I’m so glad I found this beautiful story <3

    1. 旦旦旦 I’m so glad you’re enjoying!!! thank u for reading!
      and yes, tera may be at risk of just sort of assuming she is so smart and everything will just work out as she plans it 不不不

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