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episode 12 teaser

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no reason to wait until my usual posting day to post this.. KoS will return in June! i have 37 pages of ep 12 done, but I want to get farther along until i start posting any of it publicly.

in the meantime, again, read through some of the comics on the [links] page, read through KoS again, just have a good time! if you do read through KoS again, do tell me about it. if you want. i love reading people's reactions (obviously)

if you feel like you will miss KoS in the meantime, the discord may be able to tide you over! the AU channel is a fun one to go through. [join us!]

looking for ways to support Palestinians? check out [this post]

i'm also participating in a #MutualAidMarch initiative over on BlueSky! i very rarely ever do commissions, so if you'd like a profile pic from me (or two other artists) check out [this post]!

looking for comics? i've got one last set for you. check them out!

Be True to Your School?

Figuring out life can be truly difficult, especially during those years while still in school.

True Colors
True Colors - Four college freshmen are thrown together by a dorm room mix-up. Their attempts to make the most of new beginnings are complicated by past traumas, future plans, and family legacies.

Michael- What would it be like to be a mutant in an all human high school? Michael Scott is about to find out!

lastly, the Death and Decay art zine kickstarter has 10 days left! check it out if you want a cool art book.

a preview post for the art zine Death and Decay. on the left is the title, "death and decay art artbook preview" with a ram skull with bugs climbing on it underneath. on the right is my preview image: yahuul is upside down, partially a skeleton, adorned in gold, on a purple patterned background


snipped panels from episode 12 pages!
panel 1: bon skips a rock on the water, impressing baby. tera and aoife sit on the beach. tera's dialogue is edited to say: "Kings of Sorts will return.. with episode 12, June 6, 2024.
panel 2: kiigari glares at hana across the dragon forge.
panel 3/4: chaar sneaks into her parent's house.
panel 5/6: hana moves away from marek to sit on the seat opposite him.

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