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episode 11, page 75

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bon sings a little ditty. chaos ensues. check out the comic of the week under the following messages. the transcript is at the bottom, as usual.

more importantly, you may have heard of a global strike going on Jan 21-28 in support of Palestine: take off work (if you can), don’t go to school (if you can), don’t spend money (if you can), keep up pressure and protest (if you can), amplify Palestinian voices and sources, continue boycotting.

here are some ways you can help Palestinians economically [from this post]

credible organizations that are doing work on the ground in Palestine:

Care for Gaza:non-profit charity that distributes money, food and other resources directly to families in Gaza.They maintain a regular presence on Twitter and Instagram. You can donate to them via Paypal here.

PCRF / Palestine Children's Relief Fund: non-profit organisation that distributes essential food and resources to families in Gaza. Most recently, they delivered 30 tons of vital medicine, and 82,000 pounds of flour.

Medical Aid For Palestinians: deploys medical teams to treat Palestinians suffering under Israel's malicious bombardments.

Donate e-sims to Palestine: massive post with tutorials and relevant links, with discount codes included in the post and in the replies.

help people leave palestine (donate what you can)

comic of the Week of January 22-28: one of them is me :/ but check out the other one!! i really enjoy magefront, they're getting into some really sweet friendship and relationship stuff but i also think they may be in mortal danger.


Life can be a bit like a game of chess. Strategizing and positioning in the hope that you can get to your checkmate.

Magefront - Amarantha is a necromancer on a mission. She wants to become a famous battlemage just like her mother, and she knows just how to do it. She's already been accepted to the College of Magic, summoned her first wraith, and bagged herself a Bonded knight. Now all that's left is the hard part. Surviving a war.

Kings of Sorts
Kings of Sorts - look at these freaks. what's their deal



panel 1: Lava Bon starts singing, and twirls red magic around his hand.
panel 2: the clouds of smoke around the Preachan start blowing, with strings of red magic pushing them.
panel 3:the red magic strings swirl around each other, pulling the clouds of smoke around. it's all smokey now, the Preachan can't see! Bon sneaks off to the side.
panel 4: Bon sticks his tongue out at a Preachan, egging them on.
panel 5: the Preachan whacks him, but POOF! he has disappeared. was he ever actually there?
panel 6: a Preachan stabs bon through the stomach!
panel 7: the magic fades and it turns out the Preachan just stabbed one of their comrades.
panel 8: Bon rides on a wave of lava. he's pulling up a lava rock wall as he rides around, and is singing some magic, making an illusion of the regular cityscape on top of the wall.

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