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episode 12, page 4

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we are right back at it, moving along with bon being a real stinker

do you think he's being fully honest about his reasoning? who knows. anyways i broke my car's cd player so i must sink into a deep depression now goodbye

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panel 1: Tera pauses to raise an eyebrow at Bon. She glares and replies: "it. WILL."
panel 2: Bon puts his hands out, trying to make his point to Tera. Bon: "the Maighstir has a whole maze-! of rooms and tunnels under the castle-"
panel 3: Tera angrily interrupts him, putting a hand on her chest. Tera: "I'm the strongest wizard in Cadia next to the Priomh!" Bon starts to talk over her: "you'll waste time looking for me-" Tera continues talking, not stopping for Bon: "you think I can't handle a few tunnels?"
panel 4: Tera throws her hands out in frustration, now responding to Bon: "it's NOT a waste!!"
panel 5: Tera continues (offscreen) as Bon pouts at her: "WHY! are you so insistent on being left behind!" Bon shouts, frustrated: "BECAUSE! I! CAN'T DIE!!"
panel 6: Bon jabs a finger at Aoife, Baby and Tera. Bon: "YOU ALL! CAN!!"
panel 7: Bon looks a little unhinged as he points to his head: "THINK! about it." he flips his other hand, gesturing to make a point: "it's ILLOGICAL! to risk the safety of REAL PEOPLE who can get hurt and die-"
he'll finish his thought on the next page.