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episode 11, page 47

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she did say that she'd make him her footstool within the month. a woman of her word (unless she's lying)


panel 1: hana is face down on the floor, the maighstir's boot resting on his head. he is crying. maighstir: "now. say you're sorry for being a very naughty boy." hana mumbles: "i'm sorry for being a nau-"
panel 2: hana gets cut off by the maighstir pressing hana's face into the floor with her boot. maighstir (correcting hana): "VERY naughty." hana (distraught): "I-I'm sorry for b-being a very n-naughty boy!"
panel 3: the maighstir looks down at hana with a sort of perverse fondness for a moment before speaking. maighstir: "good." she looks a little sneakier, a little nastier. maighstir: "now. beg."
panel 4: hana looks up at her, unsure of if she's serious or not, this is a weird request.
panel 5: hana squeezes his eyes shut. he quietly begs. hana: "please."
panel 6: kiigari looks away from this very unsightly display as hana continues. hana (off-screen): "please sh-show mercy..."
panel 7: the maighstir takes her boot off hana's head, allowing him to sit up slightly to look at her. maighstir: "see? that wasn't too hard, was it?"
panel 8: maighstir looks an hana, relaxed and happy with this outcome. maighstir: "you get off this time." her expression hardens. maighstir: "but trust me."
panel 9: hana nervously looks at his removed fingers. maighstir (off-screen): "you don't want there to be a second time."

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