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episode 11, page 48

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tha, le ur cead ~ yes, sir/ma'am

well. at least its over.


for now


panel 1: the maighstir looms over hana, who is looking at the ground, hair covering his eyes. maighstir: "so, do behave, my pitiful little worm. or there will be consequences. understood?" hana: "tha.. le ur cead.."
panel 2: the maighstir smiles brightly. maighstir: "wonderful. i'll leave you to it then!"
panel 3: the maighstir calls to kiigari, causing them to jump. maighstir (off-screen): Ridire. some of the new hounds require testing. see to that immediately."
panel 4: kiigari (off-screen): "yes, Maighstir!" the maighstir turns to hana, smiling slyly again. maighstir: "and worm? a preachan will bring over the first portion of your program files."
panel 5: hana stares at the maighstir, surprised by this.. generosity?
panel 6: the maighstir holds up hana's two severed fingers, still smiling. maighstir: "as thanks for the lovely gift."
panel 7: hana looks over nervously at the bench where his fingers were cut off. they are no longer there, but a blood stain remains. maighstir (continuing, off-screen): "i'll enjoy them greatly."
panel 8: an overhead shot of hana, sitting on the floor of the forge. maighstir (off-screen): "have fun!"


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  1. She took his fingers!?!?
    What is wrong with this woman!!!!?

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