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episode 11, page 11

PANGOLIN!!!!!!!! i had to think of a name quick so now her name is patty. patty the pangolin. short for patricia.


panel 1: di gestures to the white horse in the stall next to them. di: "well, I'll leave you to it. I gotta take Lady Lucy out. his ~highness~ hjasn't been here for over a month now." chaar is in the panel but she's just standing there, back turned to the viewer.
panel 2: di continues what they were saying. di (off-screen): "you know the drill. just have your girl back before nightfall." chaar finally looks somewhat relaxed and happy. chaar: "of course, thank you!"
panel 3: chaar walks down a ramp, into another stable room, with barrels, a big saddle, a termite mound... and a pangolin face peeks out from the corner of the panel.
panel 4: the giant pangolin hops up to greet chaar! it licks her face. chaar looks overjoyed. chaar: "ahaha hey girl!"
panel 5: chaar smiles as she pets the pangolin's head. it closes its eyes. there's a little heart above its head because it loves chaar. chaar: "sorry I haven't been by in a while... things have been..."
panel 6: chaar does not finish her sentence. she hugs the pangolin's head closer, looking sad again.

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  1. I WANT ONE!!!!

    1. same… i want to ride it

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