the file name is ‘bonfire’

(this was originally posted on Apr 1 2023, but i moved the publish date so it would appear between episodes)

wait a moment, this isn't a regular kings of sorts page! this is some shizamura tomfoolery!!! shizamura of O Sarilho fame, of course. you know the line. "an alien gets shot in the face four times and for some reason that starts a war." classic o sarilho. we all know it, we love it, go read it.

the spiderforest collective did an april fools day exchange, so if you want to see the page i did, check out Tamuran. and check out the rest as well!!!

SpiderForest April Fool's Day Exchange

Brothers x Sombulus
Clover and Cutlass x Fluffy Gang
Court of Roses x Honestly Not A Robot
Fluffy Gang x Leaving the Cradle
Honestly Not a Robot x O Sarilho
Kings of Sorts x Tamuran
O Sarilho x Honestly Not a Robot
O Sarilho x Kings of Sorts
Sombulus x Brothers
Tamuran x Clover and Cutlass


panel 1: an open flame curling agaisnt the night sky. hana (off-screen): bon, stop this! this isn't you! you're going mad with power, just... stop."
panel 2: hana is crying and reaching towards bon. hana: "bon, please..."
panel 3: bon faces the fire, looking grim. bon: "hana. this is what i was made for."
panel 4: bon raises his hands and cackles over the large campfire. a crispy leg of something is being roased and is blackened. hana droops in front of the fire. bon: "behold what i have created!" hana: "bon, i said i wanted it medium-rare..."

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