KoS 3 Year Anniversary!

hana and bonic are dressed in bright orange dragon themed outfits, with teal details. hana has dragon horns on his head and bon wears a big witch hat. they're making a heart with their hands. the text reads: "THANKS for 3 YEARS!!"

3 years and 600 some pages!! what a ways we have come.

i just want to take this moment to thank everyone who’s ever enjoyed KoS, previous version included. your kind words have encouraged me through the bit of a rough year it’s been! i keep them all in my brain to pull out when i need to, lol. (it’s a bit early so forgive my lack of eloquence)

anyways, i look forward to creating and sharing more with you in the coming year(s)! for now though, enjoy the beginning of episode 11!

the rest of the crew got dressed up too! (its a 21+ party so baby is being babysat)

marek, kiigari, teraat, chaarose, and aoife are all dressed in fancy clothing. chaarose and aoife are sitting on the couch and wearing long dresses. kiigari sits on the back of the couch, wearing a cropped jacket, shorts, and mismatched legwear. marek and teraat stand behind the couch, tera has her hand on aoife's shoulder. marek wears a crown and cape with lots of jewelry. teraat wears a little wizard cap with a large vest.



a promotional image for kings of sorts episode 11. there are pink triangles in the top right and bottom left corners with text on them. the top right is an icon that reads: "KoS", the bottom left reads: "EPISODE 11" "24-Dec-2022".
the background is 4 images from episode 11. in the top, chaar stares out at the sky and sea. in the second, tera looks angry and is talking to bon, who also looks peeved. in the third, kiigari is walking through a colorful lab. the last image is just lines. in it, hana is crying.

on KoS’s third anniversary, episode 11 will begin. if you want to catch up or to refresh yourself on the goings-on, now is the time to do it!

there’s also giveaways happening on twitter and tumblr to win a full set (eps 1-10) of KoS books! check those out if you’d like

[tumblr giveaway]
[twitter giveaway]

i’m so excited to finally share this with y’all and i hope you enjoy it!!!

Ep 7 Finale!!!

WHAT A RIDE! thanks for reading episode 7 here on the kos website!! i’m loving having you all here <3

i’ll be officially announcing the ep 8 cover contest soon, and come back 8/12 for the start of ep 8!! yes.. it’s a pretty long break but oofa doofa i’ve gotten very busy and i need some time to build up my backlog of comics again haha

in the meantime i’m hoping to maybe do some q&a’s? with the characters or stuff about lore. there may be some patreon stuff i’ll post publicly, idk! let me know if you have anything you’d like to hear about in the interim before ep 8.

thanks again for reading and i can’t wait to share more with you!!