WE ALREADY DID IT… if you follow me on any social media you’ve already seen BUT!!! WOW!!! funded and the first stretch goal is reached.. everyone’s favorite older sister aoife is gonna be available IN PILLOW CHARM FORM!! HOORAY!!!

if you got any of the tiers that say ALL pillow charms.. she’s automatically yours! otherwise you’ll be able to choose her if you’re just getting a single one and next up is everyone’s favorite guy to hate! (the king) we’ve got $10 to go until we reach the next goal! thank you to everyone who has backed so far and i look forward to getting the rest of these goals unlocked!! <3 <3 <3

cannot thank everyone enough for getting this funded so quickly.. THE PEACE OF MIND YOU HAVE GIVEN ME…… thank you thank you

if you haven’t checked it out.. please do!!! find the campaign [HERE] there’s a bunch of great addons as well in case you’re looking for more kos merch!

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