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episode 11, page 79

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yeah, you're probably right tera. one more page and ep 11 is done! wow!

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a preview post for the art zine Death and Decay. on the left is the title, "death and decay art artbook preview" with a ram skull with bugs climbing on it underneath. on the right is my preview image: yahuul is upside down, partially a skeleton, adorned in gold, on a purple patterned background

still looking for some more comics? here are some! i have the autumn wing books and i am SO excited to crack into them, what a gorgeous comic. and steamgear inc has such a neat style too! check them both out

Fight the Good Fight

Fight for belief, fight for right, fight to defend those who can't help themselves... this is what heroes are made of.

Steamgear Inc. - The story of Ax Arcenast, a woman with an alchemical fire extinguisher who fights for justice after her brother's death at the hands of the world's greatest tech company.

Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire
Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire - In a beautiful and dangerous world, gentle nephilim Autumn journeys to create his own halo to become an angelic hero and prove his worth--and perhaps, find the beauty within himself along the way.


panel 1: Aoife watches Bon fall from the sky as Tera looks around. Tera: "that should have found him.."
panel 2: Bon crashes to the ground with a big "OOF". Aoife sweats while Tera looks quite pleased. Tera: "ah! perfect!"
panel 3: Bon gets off the ground, probably concussed, head spinning. his speech is wonky as he asks Tera: "so did you read all your books or whatever-" Aoife hands Bon his jacket. Tera raises a finger and responds seriously. Tera: "indeed I did! many more, in fact."
panel 4: Tera turns around, looking concerned. Tera: "and I hate to say it, but..."
panel 5: Bon and Aoife (with Baby in a pocket in Bon's jacket) look at Tera as she continues: "things at the castle may be worst than I thought."

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  1. Teraat, you should coordinate your spells a bit better, Especially when they involve people!!
    Poor Bon is going through it.. but at least in the end he has Baby in his pocket! (That’s the first thing I noticed while looking at it! <3)

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