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episode 11, page 77

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what a scamp this guy is

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a preview post for the art zine Death and Decay. on the left is the title, "death and decay art artbook preview" with a ram skull with bugs climbing on it underneath. on the right is my preview image: yahuul is upside down, partially a skeleton, adorned in gold, on a purple patterned background

and lastly but not leastly.. spiderforest comics of the week! witch of deznia i have read, it's very fun, definitely recommend. and i haven't read the nightmare witch but dang it does look cool!!! an alien condition??? i am intrigued.

Week of February 05-11

Which Witch?

Witches can be good or they can be evil. Solve problems or create nightmares. Which witch do you prefer?

Witch of Dezina
Witch of Dezina - A country is thrown into chaos when their goddess disappears, taking her magic with her. Tayver is in over his head with the investigation. Good thing Elenore is here to... help?

Nightmare Witch
Nightmare Witch - The struggle to find a meaningful life under the grasp of an alien condition.


lava bon is in the middle of the page, popping out of a panel, doing his lava magic and music magic. he looks absolutely devious. around him are scenes of him messing with the preachan:
1. punching one in the mask
2. making 4 large illusions of himself in front of one
3. making one preachan appear to look like himself to another, and that preachan sees the first one as bon as well
4. knocking one in the chest with a lava rock
5. creating a portal for one to fall through
6. solidifying lava around one's feet so they can't move
7. making a spout of lava in front of one
8. making an illusion of himself as a twisty shadow on the ground underneath one

2 thoughts on “episode 11, page 77

  1. I’m beginning to see how he destroyed a kingdom in a single night. If this is him having fun and in control, what he be like if he was overwhelmed by rage and hate…

    1. YEP!!!!! 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

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