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episode 11, page 72

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DID YOU MISS HIM?? DID YOU MISS LAVABON? well he's back and better than ever. more visible bones than ever. 

4 YEARS! thank you again for your support and i look forward to 4 MORE!

we'll be back Jan 14th, back to 1 page updates. see u then!

a drawing of hana and bon looking at each other lovingly. hana is a short, fat dwarf, with tan skin, freckles, and red hair. bon is a tall, skinny elf, with white hair, dark grey charred hands, and a large scar down half his face. they are both wearing colorful, patterned clothes. text at the bottom reads: "thanks for 4 years!"


panel 1: a bright orange eye peeks out from dark smoke.
panel 2: lavabon appears out of the smoke, cool and confident. his lava body is updated. you can see bright orange bones through the cracks in his charred lava skin. the largest cracks match where the scars that appeared in episode 10 are located. Bon: "miss me?"

5 thoughts on “episode 11, page 72

  1. The lava bones are so cool!!!!

    1. ☺️☺️☺️ thank you!! 🌋🌋

  2. LAVABON!!!

  3. The first panel is actually terrifying. I love him.

    1. 😈😈 excellent 😈😈 we love scary bon

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