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episode 11, page 68

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my computer is STILL not letting me use keyboards, but i'm doing my best!! please enjoy these pages, this was one of my fave pages to work on <3

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panel 1: Bon sings a little tune and a string of magic forms. He sings a different one and another string of magic forms in a different color. He sings more and starts weaving the different strands around each other. as he's doing this, the rest of his blonde hair turns white.
panel 2: Tera stares in bewilderment. Marsione is appreciating the strange spectacle. Marsione: "I never thought I'd see wild magic in my lifetime."
panel 3: Bon continues to weave the strands of magic together into a thicker braid. Bon is smiling, this appears to be enjoyable for him.
panel 4: Bon pulls the strands braided together apart, revealing light blue inside.
panel 5: Bon pulls them apart further, so his arms are fully outstretched. The blue sky is before him, his back in shadow. the strands of magic fly around, uncurling on the sides of this portal.

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  1. *slamming the table* bon is so fucking cool

    1. 😄😄😄 GOOD, I’M GLAD YOU THINK SO!! ☺️☺️☺️


    1. EEEHHE YES!! it’s BON cool magic time!!

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