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episode 11, page 65

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panel 1: Tera wrings her hands. Tera: "preachan in Tode Balan.. this is.. unprecedented.."
panel 2: Tera talks at Bon in the background, as Marsione responds to the alert. Tera: "this can't be a coincidence, they must be here for us.." Marsione: "Marcel. Acknowledge alert. begin emergency evacuation and conveyance."
panel 3: Marcel the magic circle disintigrates with a "Yes, ma'am!", and Marsione turns to face Tera and Bon. Marsione: "Doctor, I'm going to start transporting this section to a safe location."
panel 4: Tera focuses her attention on Marsione as she continues: "I'll give you as much time as I can with these books."
panel 5: Marsione waves her hand: "this location is secure-" She looks up: "they'd need to tear up the city to find it." She crosses her arms and grimaces: "but I have a feeling they're up to the challenge."
panel 6: Tera faces away from us. Tera: "how long do we have?" Marsione looks at her apologeticly. Marsione: "20? maximum 22 minutes."
panel 7: Tera transforms into Magical Girl Tera! a silver magic circle appears behind her and she is now in her magic girl outfit. she smiles, looking serene and confident. Tera: "ah! plenty of time."

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  1. I didn’t catch the reference and I feel embarrassed about it. But anyway MAGIC TERA YIPPEE

    1. 🤣🤣 it’s the “20, maximum 22 minutes” bit

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