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episode 11, page 63

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panel 1: Marsione is going through a large bookcase, picking up books. she doesn't turn around, but answers Tera's question: "ah- that's only banned in Arsanaig."
panel 2: Marsione continues (off-screen): "something about it hit a little too close for the Eighth General. or, so I've heard." Bonic looks nervous and is visibly shaking and sweating. Tera is calmly flipping through the book of fairy tales. Tera: "strange... Bon, do you know-"
panel 3: Bon whips around, shouting at Tera: "we don't have TIME for this shit!" he gestures to the side angrily. Bon: "just get your FUCKING books, so we can-" he's interrupted by Marsione plopping a big pile of books in his hands. Marsione: "here you go."
panel 4: a wide shot of the little library, centered around a table with Bonic, Marsione, and Teraat around it. Bonic puts the pile of books down on the table in front of him, pouting. Marsione leans on the table, bragging: "we have the 'unabridged and unbiased lineage of Cadian Royalty', 'Cadian Nobels, an unauthorized retrospective', maps of the entire castle, accurate to the beginning of this year, and all restricted research program journals from about 2900 to 7032." Tera is smiling, absolutely delighted by all this information she's not supposed to have.
panel 5: Marsione turns to Tera, who pauses her grinning to listen. Marsione explains: "we haven't been able to access the castle's confidential archives recently. word is, the Ban may have a contact who can help, but nothing is certain."
panel 6: Tera looks down at the books. Tera: "I see..." She reaches back to pull her braids up into a ponytail. Tera: "right! well."

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  1. Ah yes, the Eighth General who burned her son and threw him out? Why might that story hit close to home, I wonder?

    1. LOL HMMMM 不不不不不

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