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episode 11, page 53

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i've been doing an unchaperoned undocumented independent study. and i CAN'T use wikipedia.

oh yeah, there's a bunch of new stuff in the store! and there's some lightly damaged stuff you can get for very cheap, so check it out! you can also add an autism wizard tera card to your order for free, if you so choose.

a collage of photos showing the new items in the KoS store. the text labels the collections of items. large gold foil prints of bon, tera and hana. two postcard prints of bon and one of hana. a pride print. a variety of mini stickers. 3 circle stickers matching the gold foil prints (no foil). and a note in the bottom that reads: "add a free tera autism wizard card to your order!" over a tera autism wizard card. in the upper left: the KoS logo and text: "store update!".

also, its hana's birthday this saturday! i made a transparent png so you can put a fun shirt on him to wear to his party

a drawing of chibi hana from the webcomic kings of sorts, with a blank shirt. text reads: "hana needs help deciding which t-shirt to wear to his bday party! give him a shirt to wear


panel 1: marsione crosses her arms. marsione: "if we did have confidential information, things we weren't "supposed" to have-"
panel 2: marsione continues (off-screen): "why should I share it with you?" tera looks down, sad but resolute, understanding marsione's position. bon looks up at her questioningly.
panel 3: tera tucks a braid behind her ear and looks towards bon. tera: "I-I've been doing some.. research of my own. independent of the Priomh."
panel 4: marsione, at her desk, and bon, closer to tera, listen as tera continues to explain: "some things I was taught I've found to be... inaccurate. likely purposefully."
panel 5: tera looks to the side and puts her hand to her chest. tera: "as such, I cannot trust public sources.." she makes a fist and taps in on her palm, showing her resolution. tera: "I need to know what's actually happening in the castle. all of it." she looks to the side again, somewhat regretful. tera: "there's a- uh..."
panel 6: bon looks to the side as tera continues. he looks very depressed. tera: "a friend of ours... who is likely being kept there."
panel 7: tera shrugs, smiling and sweating, trying to get over the awkward, sad conversation. tera: "and we'd like him to... to not be anymore! you know?" bon looks at her, eyebrow raised.

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