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episode 11, page 50

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whOA WHO'S THAT??? members of the guild [WAD] in gw2 may already know. she has also already technically been on a page, so you can click the character tag under the comic and see that.

HEY! a heads up that i will be at SPX again this year! strangely, at the same table even (W37), though i have the whole thing this time. come and see me! Sep 9&10

hana points to table W37 on the SPX floor map. he's wearing a blue, pink and yellow shirt that says "SPX" on it.


panel 1: the door creaks open. tera and bon look into a dark room, their faces shrouded in shadow. bon's eyes are orange and glowing. a voice beckons them to "come in".
panel 2: as they walk further into the room, the door is shut by an skeletal arm attached to the wall next to it. bon is startled, tera doesn't seem to care. the voice says "welcome".
panel 3: bon grimaces at some skulls on a bookshelf. the voice continues: "i hear you're looking for some..."
panel 4: we see the owner of the voice. a woman with dark skin and coily black hair sits at a large desk. she's wearing bright pink clothing under a dark purple jacket. on her desk are several books, scrolls, and one skull. she appears to be copying one of the books which is open on a stand. behind her are large pink and green stained glass windows. there are some potted plants nearby.

2 thoughts on “episode 11, page 50

  1. I love how Bon’s eyes glow in the dark

  2. She heard they’re looking for rare literature.
    She heard it because her door is unfortunately NOT that thick.

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