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episode 11, page 25

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tera learning good relationship strategies from aoife. she won't say she was wrong and won't apologize, but just that maybe what she said didn't help the situation. she's actively trying to be better!!!!!!!!!!! we stan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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R.O.A.R - "The Eight" are a group of mysterious individuals subjected to extraordinary circumstances during the second world war. Decades later, we follow the journey of Monica, investigative journalist, as she struggles to pull back the curtain on the lives of those time forgot."
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panel 1: a wide shot on the bridge overlooking the bookshelves. tera pauses and turns to bon, facepalming. baby is sitting on her shoulder. bon is looking away from the camera, crossing his arms. tera: "okay- look..."
panel 2: bon continues to face away from the camera, looking at tera, who removes the hand from her face. she looks to the side, troubled. tera: "perhaps i shouldn't have been short with you."
panel 3: tera (off-screen): but i know we'll both regret it if we don't get anything out of this, right? bon looks away and nods.
panel 4: tera pumps her fist. tera: "okay!" she raises her finger because she's going to make a point. tera: "so, how about if you're feeling..." she gestures vaguely. tera: "...however you were feeling back there.."
panel 5: bon raises an eyebrow and looks at tera like she's a bit strange. tera (off-screen): "just let me know and i'll say.. uh.. say you.. have to go help aoife with something!"
panel 6. tera continues, looking excited about her great idea. tera: "then you can just leave and... blow off some steam somewhere!"

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  1. A little clunky, but it’s a start Tera. Good communication is important to getting the most out of your Bonbon.

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