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episode 10, page 49

gosh. what WILL she do. maybe she'll go home and read some comics. maybe she'll read some like the ones below? much to think about. also if you can think up a better tagline for kos, let me know because i can not. i stole this one from honestlynotarobot.com

New SpiderForest Comics - Magic, Science, and Mysterious Pasts

Arrhythmia - One's concerning. One's returning. One's discerning. One's just earning.
Kings of Sorts
Kings of Sorts - A sci-fi fantasy tale about self improvement, love, and the truth behind the monarchy's lies.
Yellowish - What can be worse than school? A school where murder has happened!
Tuppence for Stardust
Tuppence for Stardust - A fairytale urban fantasy that crashed into a boombox playing worn-out Black Sabbath tapes.

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