the ep 10 cover will feature .. ms PRIOMH DRAOIDH aka ZEYNAH ZAFRANI and the color is…. greyscale! that’s right, no colors here, only GREYS!! and blacks and whites, you get it.


1) i want these to be easily sourced to the artist so please post it on whatever social media you use, tag me and use the tag #koscovercontest (i’ll be reblogging/rting all of them)

2.1) when you’ve done that please email me a link to your post and the actual pic to [crabbng(at)gmail.com] so i dont miss any! (and also so i can contact you easily if u win!) 

2.2) email me the background you’ve made! (just the pic without the character)

2.3) please include how you would like to be credited for your work! i.e. name or @ or both

3) submit your own work (obvi), multiple submissions are just fine! and if you won last time, go ahead and enter again!

REFERENCES/TEMPLATES: there are templates available to show you where the title/author/cover artist name will be for the final version, these are just for your reference only! please ONLY submit your artwork. 

references can now be found in the same place as the cover templates! (if you’re reading this on ig: templates/refs can be found linked on the cover contest announcement on the website)
templates/references can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GCBZB80zON_VEu28RCB3Ct2Vt9s7A8EK?usp=sharing

for Zeynah specifically, if you are looking for outfit inspiration.. just look at victorian gothic. you’ll find what you need.


the cover (plus trim) is 8.75”x11.25” (300 dpi), the end result for the cover will be trimmed to 8.5”x11” by me, but keep that in mind while deciding on how to design your cover. PLEASE adhere to these specs! wrong specs can lead to an otherwise perfect piece not being chosen. 


starts now, ends 31-July! so get them posted and emailed to me by then. it doesn’t matter if you send it in earlier or later in the timeline, all will be considered equally


the winner will (obviously) get their pic to be the cover and i’ll send you a free printed copy of Kings of Sorts Episode 10! and whatever is in the preorder pack. (there may be a large hana standee.. (eyeballs emoji))
all entries will receive a free PDF copy of episode 10 when the book is formatted! 

3 thoughts on “EP 10 COVER CONTEST!!!

  1. so, the size it should be in is 8.5”x11”? I’m sorry, english is not my first language and I don’t quite understand the trimming stuff – will you like cut it around or make it smaller…? 😅

    1. if you’re entering, your final image should be 8.75”x11.25”. the books are printed 8.5″ x 11″, but the extra space on the sides is required by the printer, so they have a little wiggle room during printing. lmk if that makes sense!

      1. oh I see, I get it now, thank you!

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