Cover Contest Spotlight #8

kiigari stands, aiming her bow towards the left, looking very concentrated. behind her a sunset is shining, lining everything is warm yellow light. text reads: "kings of sorts episode 2" "jacki @crabbng" "cover by victory @bronzeflower"

BACK AGAIN!! with a gorgeous cover from bronzeflower on tumblr! original post here

i love love LOVE the painterly feel of this one. so very cool seeing all the little strokes going into making up the full picture, a lovely effect. beautiful setting sun lining everything with light…. i love it THANK YOU for this lovely entry

there’s only one more week of kiigari entries! which is good, because i’m becoming worse and worse at posting them on time… at least now they’ll be up on the site for people to peruse. i’m happy to be able to archive these because they really are lovely. and im pretty sure i’ve said this, but its so cool to see people entering multiple contests, and watching as their art changes and improves… you love to see it

anyways. as was the case last time, i have two bon pics that will be featured in the BATTLE DAMAGE zine! an anthology of ppl getting beat up, there’s some mini prints as well and maybe some secret stretch goals if we get there 😮 check it out [here]!

a promo image for Battle Damage: a beat 'em up anthology. green circle shape with text reads: "KICKSTARTER". text reads "BATTLE DAMAGE: a mini artbook zine". in the back there is a split image. first half is a lava form bon, you can see his bones through his lava parts and his eye is messed up. second half is a very bloodied bon, looking very pleased and licking the blood coming out of his nose.

other reminders: kos ep 11 is starting dec 24th! the kos 3rd anniversary <3

also a reminder to check out the store!

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