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episode 8, page 53


hana and marek (the king) are talking during a sunset.

panel 1: marek: "I see.. just a mere fraction of the lives I'm personally responsible for."
panel 2: marek (off-screen): "what do you think makes a good leader, hana." hana: "what's this all about? are you testing me or something?"
panel 3: marek (humorless): "humor me."
panel 4: hana (hesitant): "i guess.. making decisions based on what's best for the people they're leading? but also- good decisions for the people they're not leading?"
panel 5: marek: "what if they're doing so for the wrong reasons?" hana: "what do you mean?"
panel 6: marek: "making these "good decisions? because they have an ulterior motive."
panel 7: hana: "well.. I think they stop being good decisions then."

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