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episode 12, page 49

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clown squad is back


panel 1: an overhead shot of hana, curled up, sitting on the floor of the forge. he looks very small.
panel 2: transition to tera, pacing, mimicking shaking someone's hand. teraat: "hello! i'm Dr. teraat silva, educated at Tenobia. I'm looking-" she cuts herself off. teraat: "no- i've heard you have secret-"
panel 3: bon stares at tera as she continues to talk through her introduction. teraat: "no-! extremely rare! literature. yes. rare."
panel 4: teraat closes her eyes and raises her hands, reaching a higher state of consciousness where she doesn't have anxiety. the background is a beautiful waterfall, and purple space with golden patterns, separated by a rainbow. there is a golden halo around tera's head. tera: "okay. i'm good. i'm ready."
panel 5: bon grumpily knocks on the door of the person they're hoping to meet with. tera panics, her previous enlightened state gone. tera: "I'M NOT READY!"

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  1. Me meeting anyone new

  2. Hey, Jacki! I’m here from Ten Earth Shattering Blows.
    I love your crying Landa, she’s so precious! I love all three, really.

    1. ahaha thank you!! she was so fun to draw

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