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episode 1, page 1

hi! welcome to my comic. a few little points of note:

1) "wow jacki, these pages look a little rough ://" yeah i drew them a few years ago now

2) there aren't transcripts regularly until Episode 11. the pages that do have transcripts earlier were ones i have used recently for comic promotions and so.. wrote an image description for. i'd like to go back and transcribe all of them but.. there are a lot (it'll happen eventually)

3) i'm in the middle of replacing Episode 2 pages with the recently redone ones. cleaned up the art and dialogue a bit.

4) for Episode 3 and onward, the dialogue is handwritten, just so you're aware of the switch.

5) the wiki has pronunciations for character names in case you're curious

okay bye!! hope you enjoy!

Maighstir cù ~ Houndmaster


panel 1: the maighstir walks into the throne room towards the king. we only see her legs. the king (mostly off-screen): "Maighstir Cu. do you come with news?"
panel 2: the maighstir kneels before the king. we only see the king's boot. maighstir: "yes, my lord. rumors of a creature by the town of Jeworwon, in the western mountains. living in the city inside."
panel 3: the king ponders. his eyes are off-screen. king: "the western mountains.. then its likely this.. creature can access the city Baile Nan Solais.. perhaps also the technology inside..."

2 thoughts on “episode 1, page 1

  1. Finally started this comic and I love the art style so much!

    1. ☺️☺️ thank you!! hope u enjoy 💕💕💕

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