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panel 1: Bon's illusion magic is disapating, now that he's been portaled out of here. two preachan look at each other in shock as a wall re-appears between them.
panel 2: a preachan in blue turns around to look across the battlefield to see that the preachan they had previously been looking at in panel 1, is actually all the way across the field.
panel 3: the preachan portal away their injured and deceased as the townspeople of tode balan start to put out the fires with a hose powered by magic, and by a mat that summons rain. someone watches this all from above.
panel 4: Naiwun puts her sword back in its scabbard on her back. Naiwun: "too showy, but... not bad." she looks pretty unimpressed. Basmilis rolls her eyes: "i still think he's more trouble than he's worth."
panel 5: we see Basmilis and Naiwun from the back. Naiwun continues: "he is."
panel 6: Ajieti joyfully reunites with Ben and Shayna, as two townspeople in the background use a mat to summon rain to put out the fires. Naiwun continues: "regardless. we have a job to do."
Text at bottom right reads: "End of Episode 11".