World Creation Story

[1] It is said it began
With light.
The Goddess cast her light upon the Land.
The beings of the Land hid
Afraid of the blinding light.
But She called out to them.
And filled their worlds with wondrous sights
Creating the Utopia

[2] But Her light illuminated Something
In the Darkness.
The Source
A toxic synthesis of Hatred and Malice
Seeped into the ground
Poisoning all it came across.
All seemed Hopeless

[3] In Her infinite Grace
The Goddess sacrificed herself
Her Unimaginable Power sank into the soil and
Purified the Earth.

[4] Her Love
In the form of Divine Providence
Took hold of one of the Beings
Created by the Source.

[5] This being became the Daughter.
She a being of metal
An offense against the Goddess
Saw and Understood the tragedy of what the Utopia
Had Become.

[6] With the Powers bestowed upon Her
By the Goddess
The Daughter and Her Speakers
Destroyed the Source.

[7] The Utopia was corrupted
And destroyed.
Most of the beings of the Land
But the World remained.

[8] And in Her Victory
The Daughter destroyed herself
Knowing a being of metal
A being of such offense to the Goddess
Had no place in the World

[9] She gifted the Power from the Goddess
To the beings of the land.
Only The Devoted beings
Which the Goddess had loved
Were worthy of the Power.

[10] And thus, The Devoted
Now Enlightened with the Goddess’s Power
Rebuilt the World

[11] And The Sacrifice of the Goddess
And The Daughter
Are never forgotten by the Devoted.

[12] And in the days where these Devoted
The Goddess and The Daughter will
Return their Powers to the World
And the Power will be given
To a Devoted Reborn.

[13] Thus it Was
And Thus shall it Be.