Kings of Sorts: Episodes 9 PREORDER PACK


Graphic novel, full color, 68 pages, acrylic charm, 2″ tall

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Physical copy of Ep 9 and the King riding Charm!!

Episode 9 print version!

“Plans are being set into motion, both outside the castle and within. But is it already too late for Hana?”

Hana refuses the castle’s offer to fix their dragon forge. Kiigari threatens Hana, Chaar takes Hana out to a festival, and the King schemes over what will be done with Hana. Bon, Tera and Aoife set off in hopes of finding a way to get the upper hand on those inside the castle.

Acrylic charm, 2″ tall, varying widths! Charms do have a thin plastic film on both sides, please peel it off before use.

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