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episode 11, page 52

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but look, she's so cute! just give her what she wants.

I'M BACK FROM SPX!!! best show i've been to, it felt so good to chat with people about KoS and have them be interested in it!!! AMAZING! that being said, i am now totally out of Episode 1, so i'm going to have to do a reprint................... at some point. i also have been discussing with my sister on whether, in the future (post-season 1), KoS would be better printed as more of an omnibus form, or whether to continue with the individual episodes (probably running kickstarters for multiple episodes at a time, like i did with eps 6/7). i'm very torn on it, so let me know if you have any opinions.

mkay byeeeeee <3


panel 1: marsione stands up from her desk. tera watches bon try to pat out a fire on his jacket from gripping it on the last page. marsione: "well. I am Marsione Antoinette, assistant librarian here at the Tode Balan Public Library. I also exclusively use she/her pronounts. And I can assist you in your literature search."
panel 2: tera grimaces at bon. marsione (off-screen): "what exactly are you looking for?" tera: "right..."
panel 3: marsione has a blank look on her face as tera rattles off everything she wants. most of tera's request is obscured behind marsione, but research, castle, list, maighstir, and basbeo are all somewhat visible. marsione pushes up her glasses, looking somewhat amused. marsione: "that's a lot of confidential information, Doctor... What will it be used for?"
panel 4: tera pokes her index fingers together, looking nervously to the side. tera: "ummm.." she gives her most innocent look, with big, innocent, pleading emoji eyes. tera: "confidential matters?"
panel 5: marsione leans on her desk, looking at bon and tera. marsione: "you'll have to give me more than that."
panel 6: marsione (continuing, off-screen): "You're coming here as a student of the Priomh Draoidh. It is perfectly reasonable that she would send you here to destroy work she doesn't want public." tera looks down and fiddles with her fingers.

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  1. Glad to read SPX was good for you! If it helps, being international to you, an omnibus would help with justifying shipping costs for me. The last crowdfund meant the full set of books was a mighty weight that I sadly could not afford shipping for. UwU But I also know omnibus books are a greater overall cost to produce and sell, so it’s a tricky one! I hope you find the balance that suits you!

    Meanwhile, it’s a shame that being cute does not seem to help in political matters and exchange of information.

    1. yeah, it’s hard bc a big ole omnibus would also be pretty hefty. though probably somewhat less so? less cover, less weight. but how much.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 well, we’ll sort it out somehow 🤣🤣

      1. I would price out a couple options with a couple different printers if you’re worried about the weight; there’s lots of options out there! Sombulus got a few ounces lighter when I reprinted my book one, which actually reduced the price of shipping 3 books by about $20 to some countries because it got under the 3 pound threshhold. Scaling down the page size would also reduce the weight just cause you’re using less paper.

        I am curious because you said this would be a post-season-1 thing. Would the omnibus not include your current book 1? Are you just planning on reprinting more copies of the smaller book 1? When I think of omnibi, it’s usually a collection of all the series in larger volumes, so I’m worried there’ll be some confusion if it’s collections starting later. But! I would definitely love to jump on board collecting from the beginning with some thicker books if that’s your intent!

        1. yeah, I’d have to look into readability if i shrunk pages. i could redo all the text and word bubbles i suppose. much to think about 😵‍💫😵‍💫 thinking about all the different options is so overwhelming 🤯🤯🤯
          but yeah, i say post season 1 cause i at least want people to be able to have a full set of books, without needing to repurchase episiodes they already have, if that makes sense. whether I’d continue to reprint them like that is up in the air, but at least initially.
          but yeah, if i do go with an omnibus model going forward, i would print season 1 in that style at some point.
          hopefully that makes sense, im typing on my phone so i can’t easily read everything i wrote lol

  2. I think I agree w/other people in the thread. If it’s cheaper to have volumes of (for example) 3 episodes rather than paying for 3 individual episode books, that may make the books more accessible.

    If you do that though, (guy who is about to talk out of his *** without a lot of industry experience) you could experiment with printing individual episodes at lower qualities to sell at cons. (Maybe saddle stitching? Some of the shorter chapters may have a low enough page count to make that work)

    1. maybe! that is a good thing to consider, ty 😊

  3. I would love a series of volumes collecting together 3-5 chapters! Nice chonky book with a title on the spine 😀 (If the per-volume cost is high, you could also look at reducing the trim size– I think the lettering would still be readable at 6×9″ (US standard graphic novel size), for what it’s worth, but that’s just my two cents haha)

    1. yeah, reducing the size seems like a good way of reducing price and shipping costs. much to consider, ty! 🙏

  4. Did Bon get so embarrassed he accidentally set fire to his own jacket?! XD

    1. 🤭🤭🤭 yes hehe

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