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episode 11, page 51

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later today i will be posting my micro comic summer pages, probably on mastodon, tumblr and twitter, so look for those! but right now, i do not have the brain to write up transcripts for all of them :(( i've been dealing with insomnia the past 3 days now and it has taken a TOLL! but uhh i'm sure it'll be fine for SPX.. right? on that note, there won't be a page next week, because i'll be in maryland. so, i'll see you again in 2 weeks <3

[EDIT: here are the micro comic summer pages!]

[twitter]  [tumblr]  [mastodon]

dont forget to come see me at SPX again this year! table W37, Sep 9&10.

ALSO! there's a Fanart page now! go check it out. it's linked in the 'Links' section. it's not complete, but there's a lot there to look through. enjoy!


panel 1: tera rubs the back of her head bashfully. tera: "aha-yes. I'm Dr. Teraat-" she's interrupted by the librarian. librarian (off-screen): "Dr. Teraat Silva."
panel 2: the librarian flips a page in the book in front of her. bon hides behind tera in the background. librarian, continuing: "educated at Tenobia, uses she/her pronouns exclusively."
panel 3: the librarian smiles, continuing. librarian: "single-handedly revolutionized the transit industry in Cadia with the invention of the transport crystal."
panel 4: librarian, continuing (off-screen): "we have a copy of your thesis in this library!" tera preens. bon smirks at her, knowing she is just esctatic about the praise.
panel 5: the librarian dips her pen in some ink, and continues. librarian: "your reputation precedes you. my dear. but, what shall i call your companion?" tera hops to the side with a little "oh!", as if just remembering bon exists. bon panics at being exposed. he really did not want to be percieved.
panel 6: bon crosses his arms, he's shaking a bit, but the look on his face is one of irritation. bon: "what's it to you-" he's interrupted by tera. tera (off-screen): "YOU CAN CALL HIM BON."
panel 7: the librarian thoughtfully considers bon. librarian: "Bon..."
panel 8: librarian, continuing (off-screen): "yes.. that suits you quite nicely." bon grips his jacket, blushing. some smoke comes off where he is gripping it..

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  1. It does suit him, doesn’t it.

    1. ehehe it certainly does :3c

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