Arda the Pirate Queen

The Pirate Queen’s Curse

A Chaotic Wizard took to the seas from Arsanaig. The rumors say she held a lover in every port, and of every species. She soon had control over the largest fleet known to this day, and was known as Arda the Pirate Queen.
She ruled the seas, and caught the eye of the Oceans. The Oceans were satisfied to be one of her many loves, but Arda became lovestruck with a tiefling off the coast of what is now Kerecha. The Oceans did not allow slights against it.
The next time Arda left her lover, and took to the seas, a giant kraken gripped her boat, and sank it into the deepest part of the seas. Her bones still lie there, the Oceans have the Pirate Queen to itself for all eternity.
If a magic user wishes to sail, which many do, it is customary to pay tribute to the Oceans, to ensure safe passage for their vessel. However, some users’ magics cause a volatile reaction no matter what tributes are paid. It is said these magics remind the Oceans of its love, and that it will drag your vessel and your bones to the bottom of the seas, where they will lie with the Queen’s.
This is related to the actual phenomenon of certain sea creatures (namely kraken, megalodons, and pods of slayer squid) attacking ships when a person with a certain magical signature goes out to sea.