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episode 11, page 62

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the enchanted doe is an actual fairy tale, which you can read about. the [wikipedia] article is a good read. i'm sure this story will have no insight to any character's past. definitely not. maybe a little. just a bit.


panel 1: tera is startled out of her daydreaming and responds to marsione: "oh! i have a number of studies written on the basbeo-"
panel 2: bon walks behind her, expression blank, and she stops, looking regretful. tera: "though... i think most of them need a number of revisions at the point..." marsione responds from off-screen: "well, do send over a copy when you finish. alright, here we are."
panel 3: bon, tera, and marsione end up in a small underground bunker of a library. the walls are fitted with rusting metal sheets, and the floor is dirt. still, it is filled with books. marsione gestures to it proudly: "welcome to my little library. home to the largest collection of banned media in cadia." tera's eyes are shining with excitement.
panel 4: tera has rushed over to a bookshelf and pulls out a grimy looking tome. tera: "the Lost Art of the Wild Witch! these were all supposed to be destroyed!"
panel 5: bon pouts as tera continues, off-screen: "bon, you should read this, it could give some insight into your weird magic!" bon pouts, saying mostly to himself: "yeah, sure. i'll just do that. no problem." tera continues: "wait... The Enchated Doe? this is a common fairy tale... why is this here?"